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Observer Podcast Episode 29: Insurance in Hidalgo County and Recanting Testimonies

Maurice Chammah discusses his story, “The Recanters” which asks what happens when claims of abuse come undone.

WTF Friday, Inaugural Edition: Beautiful Women on Tall Stools

Every Friday we will round up some of our favorite doozies, curveballs, gaffes, head scratchers, political glossolalia and goofball statements. Our only criteria is that the quote provokes a “WTF” reaction. TGI…WTF?

Strange Days for Texas’ Death Penalty

Texas’ shortage of death penalty drugs has created a strange situation in a state where there’s still strong support for the death penalty—and most people even think it’s being fairly applied.

Texas Cities Huddle on Ways to Beat Payday Lenders

At the Texas Municipal League’s annual convention in Austin on Thursday, city officials from across the state gathered to encourage each other to pass regulations on payday and auto-title lending, an unregulated sector many consider usurious, if not predatory, and to discuss ways to defend against the industry’s lawsuits.