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Anabel Hernandez on Mexico’s Lost Drug War and Her New Book Narcoland

Melissa del Bosque interviews Anabel Hernadez, author of Narcoland, a new book on corruption and drug cartels in Mexico.

Dan Patrick and Thomas Ratliff Slug it Out Over CSCOPE

The year’s hottest education debate centered on an unlikely subject: CSCOPE, the once-obscure curriculum program built for Texas schools that’s been targeted for destruction by tea party activists.

DPS’ Crap Story

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and the higher-ups at the Texas Department of Public Safety have only themselves to blame for poop-gate.

Sorting Fact from Fiction in the Fracking Water Debate

The West Texas town of Barnhart has become a hot spot not only for fracking activity but also the debate over how much of a threat the process poses for groundwater supplies.

Researchers: “Triple Segregation” More Likely in Low-Scoring Texas Schools

UT researchers have found that “triple segregation”—by race, poverty and English fluency—is a significant indicator of school performance.

Public Defender: Prison Reform Must Include Undocumented Immigrants

Crime rates have been steadily declining in America, requiring a rethinking of drug prosecutions. So too with immigration prosecutions.

In Salado, the Tea Party Contemplates the Nation’s Future — and Rep. John Carter’s Not in It

During a public town hall in Salado, Rep. John Carter faced a barrage of criticism for his willingness to consider immigration legislation.

TDCJ Pork Story Undercooked

While news that TDCJ is spending $750,000 on climate-controlled swine barns is catchy, it ignores the real story.

Jeffrey Kerr on Austin’s Tumultous Beginnings at BookPeople

It seems like just about everyone loves Austin these days, with noobie residents arriving by the thousands each year and national media crowning it […]

Tyrant’s Foe: Rallying the Unruly Mob

Unaffiliated with major organizations such as Planned Parenthood, Jessica Luther stepped up as a leader of the “unruly mob” in Texas’ abortion fight.