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State of Texas: Poverty In the Suburbs

The level of suburban poverty in Texas is growing faster than the national average.

The Catholic Church Let Us Down

Where is the Catholic Church’s support for immigrants?

David Dewhurst Claims He Saw ‘Bags of Feces’ at Capitol

For the last week, activists, lawmakers and media have demanded that DPS produce evidence that protestors tried to bring jars of urine and feces […]

Tyrant’s Foe: An Angel on the Border

“There were so many people dying, and it seemed like no one cared because they were immigrants,” he said.

Postcards: Many Borders to Cross

If you’re like me—white, adult, clean-shaven and short-haired—then your danger-courting celebrity-bust fantasies are unlikely to bear fruit.

Direct Quote: Competitive Eater Alex “Moose” Perez Chows Down

Observer reporter Patrick Michels interviews competitive eater Alex “Moose” Perez.

Direct Quote: The Conspicuous Consumption of Competitive Eater Alex “Moose” Perez

Dallas’ Alex “Moose” Perez is a competitive eater who recently joined the pro Major League Eating circuit.

A Pulitzer Prize Winner Searches for the True Story Behind America’s Greatest Western

Texas’ larger-than-life identity is founded on a number of myths, and few are more compelling than the story of Cynthia Ann Parker. In 1836, […]

Dan Patrick Has God on His Side, According to Dan Patrick

Lost in the dramatic events of Friday’s showdown over the anti-abortion bill was a remarkable speech by Sen. Dan Patrick, a full-throated declaration of God’s wishes for the Texas Legislature.

Speak Ill, Go to Jail

Expressing your views, especially if they are controversial or in poor taste, is becoming a good way to land in jail for a long time.