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Anti- and Pro-Choice Activists Rally Outside Packed Senate Hearing

Before the sun rose today there was already a blue shirt (anti-abortion) and orange shirt (abortion-rights) line at the south steps of the Capitol […]

Adios, Mofo: Rick Perry Will Not be Governor for Life

Whoever’s the next governor, he or she will inherit an office that has been transformed. In his 12 years in office, Perry has found ways to turn a weak, largely ceremonial office into a powerful position that commands the state’s political structure.

Fake Lab Results Endanger Thousands of Drug Convictions

Texas DPS discovered that an analyst at its forensics lab in Houston had falsified the results of a drug test. It was hardly just the one.

Marion Winik on Dating, Writing, and Austin at Book People

Winik’s latest, Highs in the Low Fifties, relates her adventures as a middle-aged woman re-entering the dating world.