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Partying for School Choice on Milton Friedman’s 101st Birthday

Fans of school choice—like private school vouchers and charter schools—celebrated Milton Friedman’s birthday by describing how baffled they are by opposition from public schools.

CPS Fires a Special Investigator Who Used Term ‘Nigartard’

Rita DeShannon, a special investigator with Child Protective Services, was fired today after the agency was alerted to inflammatory racist remarks on her personal Twitter account.

The Texas Legislature’s Sexist Little Secret

Misogyny, as I had come to learn, is rampant in the Texas Capitol.

Goodbye to John Graves

Today brings the news that John Graves, the quintessential man of Texas letters, has died.

Young Mother Fights Deportation, Hopes for Immigration Reform

On Tuesday morning, Veronica Ayala, 33, stood next to her three-year old son Damian in a parking lot across the street from the J.J. […]

Thomas Ratliff Takes on Tea Party Over CSCOPE Panic

State Board of Education member Thomas Ratliff has emerged as CSCOPE’s most outspoken defender at the state level—one of the very few elected officials willing to wade into tea party waters and pick a fight.

Getting Mom’s Permission

Beginning in September, at least 69 family-planning clinics in Texas will lose federal Title X funding, which means that they will have to comply with state law and start getting parental-consent signatures on file to continue dispensing birth control to minors.

Greg Abbott & Wendy Davis Tangle with Twitter Townhalls

The increasingly heated atmosphere of Texas politics finds key players, including gubernatorial hopeful Greg Abbott and HB 2 filibusterer Sen. Wendy Davis, taking to social media more intensely than ever.

“A 21st Century Dred Scott Decision,” Read by Akwasi Evans of NOKOA: The Observer

“A 21st Century Dred Scott Decision,” Read by Akwasi Evans of NOKOA: The Observer.

Oiling the Skids for Chevron in Houston

Chevron is one of the world’s largest corporations, earning more than $240 billion in revenue last year. CEO John Watson raked in almost $25 […]