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Perry Signs Michael Morton Act

Just two years ago, Michael Morton was still in prison for a crime he didn’t commit—the murder of his wife. He was finally exonerated […]

House Passes Charter School Expansion Bill

Each of the last two sessions, House members shot down the Senate’s proposals for raising Texas’ cap on charter schools—but a vote this afternoon put an end to the curse, as the House approved Senate Bill 2.

Guv for Life: Why the Texas House Ran Away from Term Limits

If 80 percent of Texans support enacting term limits on office holders, that’s a staggering number of voters that were outright ignored yesterday in the House with the failure of this resolution.

Up Against Deadline, Democrats Blame Perry for Tanking Budget Deal

Sudden pressure from Gov. Rick Perry has put budget negotiations on the rocks as lawmakers argue over $700 million for schools.

When is a Mural just a Billboard?

As a more-or-less-native Houstonian and longtime resident now removed from the city of bayous, I take a certain rubbernecking joy in watching my hometown’s […]

Blog del Narco: Author Who Chronicled Mexico’s Drugs War Forced to Flee

The author of a pioneering blog about Mexico’s drug war has said that she has fled the country and that her blog partner has gone missing.

Combs Approved Tax Breaks for Major Campaign Contributors

Texas Comptroller Susan Combs has approved $1.2 billion in tax breaks to her campaign contributors since 2006, according to the Austin-based nonprofit Texans for Public Justice.

Hot List: Day 129 of the Legislature

The Lead: Lawmakers negotiated late into the night in an attempt to finalize the 2014-2015 state budget. Conference committee members have agreed on a […]

Eye On Texas: Empty Schools

Empty Texas schools intrigue me. The quiet spaces, the old water fountains and chalkboards, the big windows casting natural light.

House Backs Krause Amendment Letting Student Groups Discriminate

The House approved an amendment allowing college student groups to discriminate in their membership.