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Committee Considers Reducing Elementary, Middle School Testing

The Senate Education Committee took up a proposal to eliminate the STAAR writing test for 4th and 7th graders as well. Lawmakers also hinted at an interim study on the state’s process for developing the standards those tests are based on.

Instead of Tax Breaks for Yacht Owners, How About Closing Corporate Loopholes?

If we need more money—and there’s no doubt we do—let’s undo the massive tax breaks, tax abatements, corporate loopholes and big-business giveaways before we start raising the sales tax.

State Left Family-Planning Money Unspent While Clinics Closed

The Observer has learned that the state health department left unspent approximately $2.3 million in family-planning funds in the past year while scores of clinics closed

Hot List: Day 127 of the Legislature

The Lead: The Legislature went after mucus yesterday. That would be Michael Quinn Sullivan (often referred to as MQS—or mucus) who leads the tea […]

House Approves Major Transparency Bill

Geren, the sponsor of the bill, needed to keep the language of Senate Bill 346 the same during Monday’s vote if he wanted it to have any chance of survival.