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Senators Like State-Funded Gun Class for Teachers—But Not its Price Tag

Since Sandy Hook, a handful of Texas school districts have added policies letting some teachers carry guns—Patrick’s bill is meant to make that decision safer, so heat-packing teachers know what they’re getting into.

Senate Committee Passes ‘Back Door Abortion Ban’

Late Tuesday, a Senate committee voted out a contentious bill that critics have blasted as an attack on abortion rights.

Payday Lenders Buy Themselves a Weakened ‘Reform’ Bill

At a legislative hearing this morning, state Sen. John Carona, the Dallas Republican who’s leading the payday “reform” effort in the Senate, basically said the industry had bought off lawmakers. Carona was defending the latest version of his payday loan legislation, which most advocates derided as unacceptably weak.

Advocates: Legislation Would Roll Back Tough Colonia Regulations

Manuela Luna’s colonia near Mercedes, Texas is no suburban paradise. Spanish Palms, a small low-income community of 25 people, lacks paved roads, but at […]

Hot List: Day 71 of the Legislature

On Monday, Rep. Naomi Gonzales crawled, tail between legs, to the feet of her fellow representatives as she begged for forgiveness for her recent DWI and car crash which injured two people.