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Universities Criticized For Over-Emphasizing Race, Gender and Class Issues In History

A recent report criticizes Texas public universities for imbalanced teaching of American history by overly emphasizing issues of race, gender and class.

Helena Brown Is Coming for Your Gun (Manufacturer)

Recently trounced Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst jumped on the PR bandwagon inviting gunmaker Beretta to Texas last week, four days after trendsetter Helena Brown.

Hot List: Day 65 of the Legislature

It’s Celebrate the Second Amendment Day at the Capitol. You might say that’s every day at the Texas Legislature, and you’d have a point […]

Deshotel Bill Would Scrap Testing As Graduation Requirement

House Bill 1423 would lower the stakes of the STAAR test, by removing the requirement, on the books since 1994, that students pass state exams to graduate. Deshotel’s proposal would limit testing to the federal requirements—just math, reading and science, and only one of each test in high school.