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Villarreal Wants State to Study Quality of Federally Funded Tutors

State Rep. Mike Villarreal (D-San Antonio) wants the state to give parents to get more information about federally funded tutors. He tried to sell his idea to the House Public Education Committee on Tuesday.

At Senate Hearing, Republicans Get Hot and Bothered over Planned Parenthood

Some Texas Republicans love nothing more than a good round of Planned Parenthood bashing, and they were at it again on Tuesday. In a […]

The Clock is Ticking for Texas on Medicaid Expansion

  Back in 2010 Governor Rick Perry compared the passage of the Affordable Care Act—aka Obamacare— to something like Godzilla crushing the Statue of […]

Two School Voucher Bills Emerge, While Lucio Denies Support

Eddie Lucio Jr. sounded genuinely concerned about a school voucher bill up for discussion this morning. And he would have sounded even more genuine if he hadn’t told a newspaper—just last week—he was interested in filing a bill to create state-funded private school scholarships.

Q&A with Jeremy Bird, the Man Who Plans to Turn Texas Blue

It is not news that Latino population growth in Texas affords the moribund Texas Democratic Party at least an opportunity to find its way out of the wilderness. The question has long been, will the Democrats be able to seize it?

Senate Finance Recommends Closing Dawson State Jail

Is this the end of the nightmare factory called Dawson State Jail? On Monday, the state Senate Finance Committee recommended against renewing Texas’ contract […]

Dan Patrick’s Latest Civil Rights Cause: “Catholics and Christians”

This morning, Patrick blew the whistle on yet another crisis he deems roughly equal to the fight against racial injustice a half-century ago: parochial school students who can’t play baseball against public school students in the University Interscholastic League.

Postcards: Life In a Colonia Called ‘The Ranch’

Cuevitas is one of several thousand colonias in South Texas—impoverished communities where many people live without proper sanitation, electricity or running water.

Hot List: Day 57 of the Legislature

The Lead: Medicaid has been perhaps the most-discussed issue of the 83rd session so far—with the possible exception of education. And today will be […]