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Josh Treviño, Secret Malaysian Man

Some folks in Texas took notice today when Buzzfeed reported that Josh Treviño, a conservative pundit employed by the influential Texas Public Policy Foundation, had been paid $389,000 to produce propaganda for the Malaysian government, including attacks on a pro-democracy leader.

Bad Bill: Drug Testing Welfare Applicants

Back in the 1980s, talk-show radio hosts and prominent Republicans complained of welfare queens riding around in Cadillacs. Now, their imaginations are sparked by a similar stereotype: The drug fiend using her Lone Star card to score a hit.

Lady Bird’s Words

In case you missed it in the magazine’s February issue, here’s a pointer to Observer contributor Robert Leleux’s review of Lady Bird Johnson: An […]

Workers Defense Project Commemorates Construction Workers During “Day of the Fallen”

The Workers Defense Project held its Day of the Fallen march on Feb. 27 to commemorate Texas construction workers who have been killed on the job.