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Will the Lege Help Anson With Its Empty Prison Problem?

Can the Texas Legislature help Anson, TX with their $35 million prison that no one needs?

The Arson Files: Ed Graf Wins New Trial

Texas’ highest criminal court on Wednesday overturned the arson conviction of Ed Graf who’s served nearly 25 years of a life sentence for a […]

Parents of Abused Children Plead for Cameras in Special Ed Classrooms

In one of the most emotional hearings of the legislative session, parents testified on behalf of special needs children who had been abused in special education classrooms.

Branch Promotes Big Expansion of Performance-Based Higher Ed Funding

Lawmakers will decide later this session whether to go ahead with funding colleges based on performance, but on Wednesday lawmakers took up a proposal to dramatically expand the system.

Texas House Advances Big-Dollar Water Fund Bill

Amid worsening drought, the House overwhelmingly approved a plan to seed the state water plan with $2 billion today.

Immigration Bills Going Nowhere this Legislative Session

What a difference an election makes. Two years ago, Governor Rick Perry made the ban on sanctuary cities a legislative priority, and state Rep. […]

The Shadow of the Son

Can Sheriff Lupe Treviño’s legacy survive the indictments and accusations of corruption in his department?

House Approves Major Bill Cutting Testing, Adding Career Focus to Degree Plans

After hearing more than 100 amendments, only Rep. Mark Strama (Austin-D) and Rep. Naomi Gonzalez (El Paso-D) voted against HB 5.

Hot List: Day 79 of the Legislature

The Lead: The Senate Health and Human Services Committee heard testimony yesterday morning on one of the session’s more controversial proposals, Senate Bill 11, which would […]

Debate on School Testing Bill Heats Up Over College Readiness

After a lengthy debate, lawmakers may have settled the most divisive question facing them in today’s school testing bill debate: whether high school students should, by default, be placed on a pathways to college preparation.