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Houston’s New DA Brings Back “Trace” Felonies, the Eighties

Houston’s old DA made having less than 1/100 gram of crack a misdemeanor. The new DA brought back the trace felony, and questions about unequal enforcement.

Coal, An Obituary

nce, not long ago, it seemed that coal would conquer Texas. Just a few years ago, out-of-state developers and home-grown utilities, including TXU and NRG Energy, were clawing over each other to build new coal-fired power plants. Thanks to high natural gas prices and Texas’ deregulated power market, some of these companies were going to make a mint and turn Texas into the Coal Star State.

Now, many of the proposed plants have been unceremoniously scrapped.

Seven Contemporary Mexican Artists Interpret the Unthinkable in “Crónicas”

“Crónicas: Seven Contemporary Mexican Artists,” uniquely interprets the drug war in Mexico through the eyes of seven young Mexican artists and photographers.