Daily Archives: February 4, 2013

With Credit Cards Maxed Out, TxDOT Looks for New Revenue

In a somewhat awkward exchange on Monday afternoon, the Senate Finance Committee lectured the Department of Transportation’s executive director for his presentation about the agency’s massive lack of funding. TxDOT has relied on bonds to fund road projects, which essentially …

Judge Rules School Finance System Unconstitutional, Case Heads to Texas Supreme Court

Dietz was sympathetic to the central argument raised by school districts in varying forms: that lawmakers had raised standards for Texas schools—specifically by rolling out the new, tougher STAAR test—just when they were cutting funding from public education. “We either want increased standards, and are willing to pay the price, or we don’t,” Dietz said today.

A Restaurateur Has a Thing (or Two) to Teach the GOP About Immigration Reform

The Texas Republican Party could learn a thing or two from the hospitality business. “At one of my restaurants, if I were to turn my back on my customers or treat them rudely, they wouldn’t come back,” he said. “That’s how the Republican Party treats Hispanics.”