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Dan Patrick Unveils Plan to Promote Career and Technical Education in Texas Schools

Sen. Patrick’s proposed bill pushes for more career and technical courses in public education. He unveiled his plan Thursday with House Democrat Joe Deshotel and Jobs for Texas, a coalition of industry groups.

Solar Power Could See Explosive Growth in Texas over Coming Decades

Solar is just a tiny sliver—less than 1 percent—of Texas’ electricity mix.

Yet, the economics are becoming increasingly favorable for solar to take off in a big way. The question is probably when, not if. And a recent analysis by ERCOT has some very rosy projections for the future of the solar industry in Texas. (And some very sour news for nuclear, coal and maybe even natural gas.)

Gun Violence is More than Just Mass Shootings

Do we want to address all gun violence or do we only want to try to prevent mass shootings?

Could the Fifth Circuit Appeals Court Turn Blue?

It is mathematically possible for the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals to go from two-to-one Republican-appointed judges to four-to-one Democrat-appointed by 2016.

Hot List: Day 24 of the Legislature

The Lead: Mostly a quiet day at the Capitol—save for some key Senate committee hearings (more on that in a moment). The Senate has […]