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Senate Finance Committee Hears Pleas to Restore School Funds

Sen. Tommy Williams said the ongoing school finance lawsuit makes it difficult to even discuss public school funding—let restore any of the funding cut last session. “I wish the school districts would sit down and talk to us,” he said in one wistful moment.

King Street Patriots to Get More Neighborly, More Partisan for 2014

Rather than simply repeat the one-off poll-watcher fiascos that have turned off so many Houston voters in minority neighborhoods like Kashmere Gardens, Moody Park and Sunnyside, King Street Patriots are playing the long game.

Texas Senators Learn Who’s Up for Reelection in 2014, Who’s Safe Till 2016

Every ten years senators have their fate decided for them by a capsule in a white envelope with the odd or even number inside. […]

Book Review: Steven Barthelme’s Hush Hush

Steven Barthelme’s new short story collection opens with a whimsically tragic monologue delivered by Elliott, a 10-year-old trapped in a school for the gifted and sentenced to therapy after burning himself with a cigarette.

Hot List: Day 16 of the Legislature

The Lead The Capitol has been pretty empty for the last week. The House and Senate have been adjourned since Wednesday, Jan. 16, so […]