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Will Swearingen Be Allowed DNA Test Before Execution Date?

Larry Swearingen’s case has been taken on by the Innocence Project, a national litigation and public policy organization dedicated to exonerating wrongfully convicted people. And in a motion filed today, the group’s lawyers have asked District Judge Kelly Case to allow post-conviction DNA testing in order to prove Swearingen’s innocence.

The Arson Files: After Serving 25 Years, Ed Graf May Finally Receive New Trial

Ed Graf had waited 25 years for a chance to prove his innocence, and late last week, he finally got it.

A Seat at the Table

When I first saw a flyer for the Food for Black Thought (FFBT) Symposium on a wall at Hoover’s Cooking, the celebrated East Austin restaurant, my first thought was: If this is another excuse for a panel of articulate busybodies to tell me what not to put in my mouth, count me out.

Many Bible Courses in Texas Schools Still Ignore State Law Against Bias

One slide from an Ector County ISD high school presentation reads, “Sad to say mainstream anti-God media do not portray these true facts in the light of faith/But prefer to sceptically [sic] doubt such archaeological proofs of the veracity & historicity of the Biblical account, one of the most accurate history books in the world[.]”