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Sky-High Stadium

There was a time when the Dallas Cowboys used their stadium’s most passionate fans as a resource. These days, though, the people in the stands are as likely to be one-timers wearing visiting-team colors as regulars in Cowboys blue-and-white. As long as they paid full price, Jerry Jones can take pride in a victory, of sorts.

Tyrant’s Foe: Homeland Defense

For battling pollution in Houston, Bryan and Juan Parras are tyrant’s foes.

Hot List: Day 8 of the Legislature

The Lead: The Senate released an overview of its draft budget yesterday. The good news: the figures are remarkably similar to the House’s budget […]

Proposed Senate Budget Maintains Last Session’s Cuts

It was no surprise to see low levels of funding across the board in an initial Senate budget proposal unveiled on Monday. The overview […]

Transparency, Seniority on Reps. Minds During House Rules Debate

The House adopted its rules for the 83rd legislative session on Monday, and the theme of the day was “transparency.” Rep. John Smithee (R-Amarillo) […]