Blowing the Whistle on El Paso’s Crooked Schools

In fall 2009, counselor Patricia Scott went to her bosses at El Paso’s Bowie High School with what turned out to be a very dangerous question: Why was somebody erasing credits from the sophomores’ transcripts?

State Regulators Issue a Warning to Rogue Payday Loan Shops

Following the Observer’s reporting on a Texas payday lender’s scheme to circumvent state and local rules meant to protect consumers, state regulators issued a stern warning last week.

Building a Better Block in Oak Cliff

In early 2010, Jason Roberts and his friend Amy Wallace Cowan were speculating about their Dallas neighborhood. What if, instead of empty, run-down buildings, the streets were lined with cafés and flower shops? What if people of all ages rode bikes here? What if Oak Cliff looked more like, you know, Paris?