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Auctions of Juvenile Treatment Space to End Following Observer Story

The Juvenile Justice Association of Texas will quit auctioning treatment space in response to criticism from state Sen. John Whitmire, following a Texas Observer story.


Brian Allen Carr On Vampire Conditions and Being a Texas Boy

Vampire Conditions, the new story collection from Brian Allen Carr, includes his 2011 Texas Observer Short Story Contest prize winner “The First Henley.” Recently […]

Skeletons in a Small Town’s Closet

Janis Owens’ powerful new novel American Ghost recalls Lillian Smith’s Strange Fruit, the 1944 classic remembered, in part, for its brave portrayal of lynching. […]

Who’s Suppressing What Now? Harris County (whew!) Votes

On Fox yesterday, GOP strategist Karl Rove claimed that Obama won re-election by “suppressing the vote” His evidence? Obama captured a smaller percentage of […]