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Diane Ravitch in Austin: Education is ‘Not Just About Intellect. It’s Also About Character.’

Diane Ravitch, the 74-year-old education historian who’s become a popular voice of resistance to the corporate-backed, test-based reform movement, brought her outrage roadshow to […]

Who Really Runs Texas?

It’s hard to overstate the power of money in Texas politics. If you’re wealthy, the state offers numerous ways to buy influence and implement […]

A River Runs Through It… For Now

[Ed. note: This is a lengthier version of my column that ran in the October issue of the Observer. Thanks for indulging.] In May, […]

Report on Latest Budget Cuts Says Schools Can’t Go on Like This Forever

Last year, as you may recall, the Legislature cut $5.4 billion from the state’s public education budget. By now the effects are starting to […]