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Koch Comes After the Observer

“Kochworld” profiles the fenceline communities bordering the Koch and Citgo-owned refineries in Corpus. Melissa del Bosque and Jen Reel spent months interviewing sick residents living in the shadow of refineries spewing large amounts of known carcinogens such as benzene and 1,3-butadiene.

Faking the Grade: The Nasty Truth Behind Lorenzo Garcia’s Miracle School Turnaround in El Paso

Five years ago, back when she still trusted El Paso’s public schools, Linda Romero Hernandez got surprising news from her youngest daughter: Bowie High School would not allow her back next year.

Gallego vs Canseco: ¿Quien es mas Catolico?

Last Thursday Bill Clinton turned on that old Clinton charm, which seems to work on everyone but his wife, to lend his support to Democratic state Rep. Pete Gallego in his congressional race.

In Juvenile Justice, Community Probation Doesn’t Always Mean Kids Are Close to Home

Five years of juvenile justice reform in Texas have been built on one point that everyone can agree on: kids do better when they’re […]

The Keystone XL Battle Comes to East Texas

IN A RURAL TOWN IN East Texas, a battle is being waged between a multinational energy corporation and an alliance of rural landowners and […]

A DPS Helicopter Sniper Kills Two Men on Border Highway

First the armored boats with machine guns on the Rio Grande now helicopter snipers. Steve McCraw, director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, […]

Is Poll-Watching Voter Suppression? Greg Abbott Says, ‘No—Wait, Yes!’

Dateline Houston is confused. Texas Republicans are passionately concerned about so-called voter integrity. Ensuring this integrity has spurred legislation, court battles, and private citizens’ […]

Condemned Inmate: Prison Officials Won’t Let Guards Speak Out

Update: Willie Pondexter was executed as scheduled on March 3. Willie Pondexter has spent nearly 15 years on death row. Now some of the […]

Fool’s Gold

I’m coming to you as an optimistic fellow,” George W. Bush announced at the Economics Club of New York on March 14. Most economists […]

The ACLU in Texas – The Early Years

On March 8, the Texas ACLU will celebrate its 70th anniversary. It’s a storied history full of setbacks and improbable victories. Today, the organization […]