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Texas’ Love Affair with State-Funded Private Tutors Likely to Endure

As the number of “failing” schools balloons according to the less and less sane demands of No Child Left Behind, so too grows the […]

Does the Picayune’s Fate Portend the Future of Dailies?

It’s the kind of thing that almost no one would notice. That, in and of itself, is part of a welling media problem. In […]

Bastrop Wildfire

One year ago the most destructive wildfire in Texas history erupted in Bastrop. The fire destroyed nearly 1,700 homes and killed two people. It […]

A Soccer Team Mirrors Juarez’s Decline

In This Love Is Not For Cowards: Salvation and Soccer in Ciudad Juarez, Robert Andrew Powell chronicles the downward spiral of a Mexican professional […]


A Nuclear Family Comes Apart

The toxic radiation emitted by the Hardings of Houston comes from the fission of a nuclear family. The fission also accounts for the power […]

Immigrant Rights Advocates Ask Congress to Stop Private Prison Expansion

Last May, a riot in a private prison in Natchez, Mississippi, turned deadly when a prison guard was beaten to death. The riot was […]

A Dangling Metaphor

The Kentucky Club, a storied, once-elegant bar whose historic guests include Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe, sits on Avenida Juarez, four blocks from the […]

The Madness of Helena Brown

If Houston politics were a reality TV show, Councilmember Helena Brown would be the housemate that producers had selected specially as insurance against a […]

If You Want to Sue Till Your Heart’s Content, Run for Texas Attorney General

Regardless of what you think of the merits of his lawsuits, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is remarkably litigious. Abbott has sued the federal […]