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New Study Says Cuts to Family Planning in Texas Have Had Far-Reaching Effects

This week the Texas Tribune reported on a paper published in the New England Journal of Medicine by a research group at UT-Austin. The Texas Policy […]

Testing Rape Kits a No-Brainer for Most Pols… But Not Dr. Mark Shelton

Incredible as it may seem there are still some issues that can rally bipartisan support. Take, for example, the federal Sexual Assault Forensic Evidence […]

Vouchers Return, Now With Even More Ideological Fury

The Reveal In late August, state Sen. Dan Patrick, a Republican from Houston who makes his living as a conservative talk radio host and […]

What To Do About The Mexican-Themed Parties At UT

This week two Greek-sponsored parties at the University of Texas at Austin landed in the news for containing offensive Mexican themes. On September 20, […]

No Shows: Why So Few Texans Bother to Vote

I WAS SITTING IN A COMMUNITY RESOURCE CENTER in the Houston suburb of Alief trying to get a glimpse of the state’s future. Alief […]

Faith in a Dead-End Town

Michael Morris’ sweet, sad-eyed new novel, Man in the Blue Moon, recalls great Southern literature: beloved works such as Olive Ann Burns’ Cold Sassy […]

Why Is Ag. Commissioner Staples Fighting Narco-Terrorism?

Texas is an urban state, and commissioner of the Texas Department of Agriculture has become one of the more obscure statewide offices. Most Texans […]

How Do We Fix Standardized Testing in Texas?

Maybe you’ve heard. There’s a tremendous backlash spreading across Texas—and from here to the rest of the country—against the high-stakes testing regimen we rely […]

ACLU, Advocates Create Database to Document Border Patrol Abuse

Since 9/11, Congress has tripled the number of U.S. Border Patrol agents to more than 21,000. In the scramble to find willing recruits, the […]

New Book Reveals Depths of Perry Campaign’s Truthiness

The biggest takeaway from Texas Tribune reporter Jay Root’s new e-book on Rick Perry’s presidential campaign is that the governor and his people have a problem […]