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Pipeline Companies Seize Land in Texas at Will

In Texas, property rights are sacred. It’s encoded into our ethos—in this state, your ranch is your kingdom. If you catch strangers inside your […]

Judge Lets Pro-Charter Group Remain in School Finance Suit

In an Austin courtroom Tuesday, District Judge John Dietz allowed a group of charter school advocates to remain part of the massive school finance […]

LGBT Voices and Arizona’s Ethnic Studies Ban

When I read an article about the “banned books” list in Arizona earlier this year, my heart sank. I looked at the titles of […]

A Caravan for Peace in Mexico Arrives in Texas

Javier Sicilia, like many citizens of privilege living in Mexico City, had largely ignored the drug war. Then on March 28, 2011, his 24-year […]

Observer Podcast Episode 13: Can We Leave No Child Left Behind…Behind?

Earlier this month, the latest federal ratings for Texas schools were released. Texas didn’t do very well. More than 70 percent of Texas school […]

Life and Death in Houston’s Streets

How hard is it to be homeless in Houston? Very, very hard. In April, Dateline Houston told you about a new city ordinance restricting […]

TEA Gently Drops Hammer on Charter School After Spending, Church-State Complaints

Since we covered the string of complaints about financial funny business and religious messages at San Antonio-based charter school Shekinah Learning Institute last month, […]

Graduation Day

Last week, we announced the winners of our 2012 Short Story Contest. Today, we’re publishing the second of our four finalists. We’ll continue to publish […]

Cruz Lines

The national Hispanic unemployment rate is at 11 percent and according to the latest figures from the U.S. Census Bureau, the poverty rate for […]

Before the DREAM, Plenty of Paperwork

A coalition of DREAM Act students and allies encouraged eligible undocumented immigrants to apply for relief from deportation and for temporary work permits Wednesday […]