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A Public Wake for a Texas Troubadour

In 1992 I was a freshly minted music critic in Houston, just returned from a sojourn in grungy Portland, Oregon, with a chip on […]

When in Doubt, Blame the EPA

Sometimes it seems the EPA is the best thing to happen to Texas Republicans. The federal agency makes a handy scapegoat for problems besetting […]

Gov. Perry Talks Tough on the Budget in Houston

Gov. Rick Perry was in Houston today to unveil his Texas Budget Compact, five fiscal tenets that he hopes will influence the coming primary […]

U.S. Government to House Children from Central America at Air Force Base

When there is unrest in Latin America, the U.S.-Mexico border is often the first place to feel it as refugees flee violence or economic […]

Burnam: ‘Top Secret’ Documents Show Risks of Radioactive Waste Dump

With a manila envelope labeled “TOP SECRET” propped up in front of him, state Rep. Lon Burnam, a Fort Worth Democrat, called on the […]

Fighting AIDS in Texas

In 1983, Jamie Schield went on a camping trip with a friend to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. But his friend was out of […]

Romney: Likable Enough?

Now that Rick Santorum—who hadn’t been endorsed by any member in the Texas congressional delegation—has suspended his long-suffering campaign, Republican leaders are pleading with […]

Lawmakers to Choose Between Allowing More, or Less, Corruption Among Lawmakers

When the Legislature reconvenes next year, some of the questions before lawmakers will include the following: whether they’d prefer to report more or less […]

Where’s the Line between Journalist and Source?

For the next several months, plenty of eyes will turn to Texas for insider intelligence. The emails of Austin-based firm Stratfor, a private global […]

Honoring B Rapoport

They came by the hundreds to honor and remember Bernard Rapoport on Wednesday. B, as his friends called him, passed away late last week […]