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There’s a Prospect on the Right

It’s the first full day of last October’s values voters summit in Washington, D.C., and Ted Cruz is electrifying his audience. Dressed in a […]

Bernie Packs Folksiness But Little Depth

In the Hollywood imagination, Texas generally means West Texas. Writers and directors think about the state and see a vast, wide-open landscape that stretches […]

Who’s Really to Blame for Poor Latino Turnout in Texas? (A Debate!)

My column on why Texas Democrats should fear the GOP effort to win over Latinos angered a lot of Democratic Party insiders. The most […]

Heritage of Abuse

This story was originally published Friday, Feb. 10. We have reposted it following a recent report on Homestead Herritage by WFAA in Dallas. This […]

Harbury’s Fight for Human Rights

To read Jennifer Harbury’s books is to chart her progress toward becoming one of this nation’s most esteemed agitators. Almost 30 years ago, this […]

Willie Nelson Statue Unveiled at 4:20 on 4/20, Also Pot

I just got back from the dedication of a statue of Willie Nelson from non-profit Capital Area Statues to the City of Austin. The […]

Observer Podcast Episode 3

The Texas Observer staff once again headed into the fallout shelter located below our offices to bring you another installment of the Observer podcast. In […]

Local Boosters Hope Texas Shows SpaceX Some Love

A lot more people will know the name “SpaceX” by the end of this month, after the Southern California-based rocket builder becomes the first […]

When Smaller Was Better for the SBOE

The Texas House Redistricting Committee spent Tuesday considering one of its interim charges: whether 15 seats are enough for the State Board of Education. […]

Demographics No Longer Destiny for Democrats

There’s a rule of thumb in journalism that “two’s a coincidence, three’s a trend.” Two of something may mean nothing, but find three examples […]