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Beach Bummer: The Texas Supreme Court Guts the Open Beaches Act

That august body of reason and enlightenment, the Texas Supreme Court, has written an obituary for Texas’ public beaches. In a 5-3 decision handed […]

Handle Without Care

The Texas Republican congressional delegation has always put the health of Texans first, as evidenced by its consistent opposition to expanding the Children’s Health […]

Texas Tea Parties Take on the Menace of ‘Smart’ Meters

Led by a far-right commentator from West Texas, some tea party activists are trying to squash “smart meters” in Texas saying that the devices […]

Monument Unveils Tejano Legacy

I attended the unveiling of the Tejano Monument at the Texas State Capitol on Thursday. Seated in front of a crowd of hundreds on […]

The Long Road Home

On December 19, 1980, the last day she was seen alive, Alaide Foppa left her mother’s house in Guatemala City on her way to […]