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Future of Women’s Health Program Still in Doubt

State health officials will soon have to decide which is more important: Providing health care to poor Texas women or punishing Planned Parenthood? The […]

Nancy Pelosi’s Big, Polite ‘Howdy’ in Aggieland

When Ted Kennedy dropped by College Station in 2003, the pissed-off Aggies turned out in droves, mocking the late senator with a look-alike contest, […]

Creating Supportive Housing for Women

Paula Paust had been in the business of helping homeless women for decades before she led The Women’s Home in Houston on its boldest […]

One Year Later, The Murder of ICE Special Agent Jaime Zapata Goes Unsolved

This week marks the one-year anniversary of the mysterious murder of ICE Special Agent Jaime Zapata, a Brownsville native, who was gunned down on […]

Life in the Constitution-Free Zone

Since 9/11 I’ve noticed a recurring theme in the discussions I’ve had with people up and down the Texas-Mexico border. The conversations go something […]

Drought Still Haunts Texas’ Water Supply

Don’t let the rain fool you. Texas is far from drought-free. True, this relatively wet winter—at least in much of the state—has been a […]

Homophobic Radio Host Busted at Gay Bar

Is Houston conservative talk radio star and noted homophobe Michael Berry actually gay? According to the bouncer at T.C.’s Show Bar in Montrose, Michael […]

Prophetic Politics

Does God take sides in the elections? Is there a voters’ guide hiding in our holy books? Should we pray for electoral inspiration? Secular […]

Occupy Houston Evicted

Occupy Houston was evicted from Tranquility Park Monday as dusk fell, ending a four-month protest that members called the U.S.’s longest-running occupation without violence. […]

From Dawn to Dark and Back Again at the Hale Center

In the summer of 1989, at the age of 11, I went to work with my neighbor and cotton farmer Mr. Heinrich. Starting at […]