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Northern, Southern Border Residents Unite in Detroit

A few days ago I wrote a blog about life along the border since 9/11, calling it a “Constitution-free zone”—a term coined by the […]

– I’d Give You a True Word : How Michael Ventura Speaks to My Texas

Leaving Abilene for college after a Christmas vacation 15 years ago, I noticed somebody had blacked out the letter “P” from one of the […]

Robert Rodriguez Launches New Channel on Comcast

Comcast announced Wednesday it’s making good on its deal with the Federal Communication Commission to “launch 10 new independently owned cable channels, with most […]

Questions for Tad Patzek, Peak Oil Expert and UT Petroleum Engineering Prof

This is Part Eight in an occasional series of Q&As with Texans involved in issues of the environment and energy. (Read Part One with […]

Starve Our Schools

Update on Feb. 24: Sure enough, the suit discussed below was filed on Friday—here’s my post on that. More than half the school districts […]

The Last Boot Camp

Deep in North Texas stands a relic of criminal justice past. The T.L. Roach Unit in Childress County, on the Oklahoma border, is home […]

More Cash Won’t Mean Do-Over on School Funding

During a busy day of reintroducing himself to half the reporters in Austin, Gov. Rick Perry told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s Dave Montgomery on […]

Supporting Homeless Students

Cathy Requejo has been the Project HELP (Homeless Education and Learning Program) supervisor and liaison for homeless students with the Austin Independent School District […]

Libro-Traficante Heads to Tucson

As the founder of Nuestra Palabra, Latino Writers Having Their Say, Tony Diaz—along with Bryan Parras, Liana López and a small group of dedicated […]

Women’s Health Program Appears Finished

Update (Thursday, Feb. 23. 11:40 a.m.): Texas health officials apparently have chosen to end their participation in the Women’s Health Program, which pays for […]