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Lloyd Doggett Back in Primary Race With San Antonio Challengers

With the unveiling of the San Antonio redistricting court’s interim maps Tuesday came a little clarity on the fate of Congressman Lloyd Doggett, one […]

Alice Waters in Houston: – Shelling Peas’ for the Greater Good

Alice Waters, the famed chef, author, and activist, addressed a packed house at the Wortham Center’s Cullen Theater in Houston on Monday night, sharing […]

Austin ISD Enters Gates-Funded Truce with Charters

At a ceremony in far East Austin Tuesday, Austin ISD announced a deal with seven local charter operators for a “collaboration compact,” funded by […]

The Valley of Death

Juarez Valley is said to have the highest murder rate in the country, if not the world.

The Deadliest Place In Mexico

To reach the deadliest place in Mexico you take Carretera Federal 2, a well-paved stretch of highway that begins at the outskirts of Juarez, […]

The Zellner Brothers Embrace Awkwardness

Ever since the Hollywood studios realized back in the 1990s that there was money to be made in hitching their wagons to the careers […]

Deion Sanders Unveils New Charter School, Online Curriculum

Former NFL star Deion Sanders’ new charter schools in Dallas and Fort Worth begin accepting applications from students later this week, opening the two-month […]

An Intimate Chronicle of Dixie

Mary Boykin Chesnut’s A Diary from Dixie is among America’s most morally conflicting literary masterpieces—and now, thanks to her great-great grandniece, Martha M. Daniels, […]

The Texas Supreme Court Turns Water into Oil in a Landmark Groundwater Decision

The Supreme Court of Texas finally ruled this morning in Day vs. Edwards Aquifer Authority, the most important groundwater case in at least a […]

Choice Advocates Enter the School Finance Fray

So that didn’t take long. I wrote yesterday that conservatives’ efforts at school finance reform—with a focus on limiting wasteful spending and promoting school choice—might […]