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Birth of a License Plate

Wrap-up of the The 2012 Texas Observer Rabble Rouser Round-Up The 11th annual Texas Observer Rabble Rouser Round-Up and Fat Cat Schmoozefest shook the […]

Ron Paul, Fool’s Gold

Before I rip on Ron Paul, let’s get some things out of the way: 1) The libertarian congressman from Texas is one of the […]

Judge Rules Mentally Ill Prisoners Must Not Wait

Due process and decency had a big win last week when an Austin judge ruled that defendants needing a forensic bed at a state […]

Grand Prairie ISD Sells Parents on ‘Choice’ Beyond Charters

At Grand Prairie ISD headquarters today, administrators are prepping for an overnight occupation, clearing room in the parking lot for at least a few […]

Romney’s Dog Story Will Make You Hit the Roof

Now that Rick Perry has come to his senses and dropped out of the presidential race, we can turn our attention to the other […]

Pharmacists Ask Lege for Cover from New Medicaid Privatization

Late last year in our story on the many ways Gov. Rick Perry’s pals have had their way in Texas (“The V.I.P. Room,” December […]

The Plow and the iPhone

A central doctrine of evangelicals for the “free market” is its capacity for innovation: New ideas, new technologies, new gadgets — all flow not […]

Barry Smitherman’s Truthiness Problem on the Keystone Pipeline

This is quite possibly the most poorly thought-out op-ed by a Texas public official in a long while, or at least since Todd Staples […]

Occupy Houston’s Second Act

Behind a chain-link fence in Houston’s Fourth Ward, on the ground floor of a ramshackle duplex, revolution is fomenting. Scott Gregory, a 25-year-old substitute […]

Seeking Worker Rights for Cab Drivers

Even before their first customer slides into the back seat and names a destination, Austin cab drivers start out every week hundreds of dollars […]