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Giant Scandal

Though it now boggles the mind, when Edna Ferber’s classic potboiler Giant was first published in 1952, it scandalized Texans from the Pecos to […]

Interview on Texas Public Radio (Audio)

Fishy History

What do you do when you’ve made a career of cracking wise, but the things you want to write about aren’t funny anymore? If […]

Rick Perry’s Anti-Science Streak is Nothing New

Is Rick Perry smarter than a fourth-grader? In the science department, the answer appears to be ‘no’. Today, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, nine-year-old Sam […]

Rooster Rick

The Triumph of Hud

About 10 years ago, I read an article about the 35th anniversary of The Graduate making the case that the film’s legendary one-word warning […]

Why the GOP Field Should Steal A Page From Rick Perry’s 2010 Playbook

When people heard that Rick Perry’s 2010 gubernatorial campaign wouldn’t have yard signs, political wonks considered it a form of heresy. Supporters could buy […]

Rick Perry, Out and Proud on Climate Denialism

At a breakfast meeting yesterday in New Hampshire, Governor Rick Perry of Texas, now a candidate for U.S. President, announced that he does not […]

Rick Perry Identifies Himself as an Anrhropogenic Global Warming Denier

At a breakfast meeting this morning in New Hampshire, Governor Rick Perry of Texas, now a candidtate for U.S. President, announced that he does […]

Perry Courts the Latino Religious Right Too

Rick Perry is using religion to court Spanish-speaking voters, too. In addition to his affiliation with the  New Apostolic Reformation group and The Response […]