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Capitol Restrooms

High Tea

Austin “This photograph of Barbara Merello is part of ‘High Tea,’ my series of photographs of women in the rooms where they spend most […]

Democrats’ No-Win Choice on the Women’s Health Program

Democrats in the Legislature are being forced to choose between two evils when it comes to renewing the Women’s Health Program—a drastically reduced program […]

Water-Bored: The Lege Fails to Fund the State Water Plan

Even as an historical drought grips the whole state, a measure to pump money into the underfunded state water plan has failed at the […]

The Burden of Proof

It was an unusual beginning to a love story.  James Legate was five years into a life sentence for murder. Yolanda Garcia, a 59-year-old […]

Miller: Family Planning Clinics Will Just Have to Deal with Cuts

We reported yesterday on a legislative analysis obtained by the Observer that estimates family planning cuts contained in the House budget would lead to […]

Legal Lynching

After 18 years of incarceration, Anthony Graves was freed from Texas’ death row last year after the Washington-Burleson County district attorney dropped all charges […]

Hot List Day 122

Day 122 of the 82nd Texas Legislature LINE OF THE DAY “This is the wild, wild West right now. We’re just asking for a […]