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Senators Tack Controversial Gun, Immigration Measures to Fiscal Bill

It’s getting to be that time in the session—late nights, fights, and a mad dash to get important measures through, regardless of the avenue. […]

Dems Try Their Hand at Deregulation

Updated below at 4:40 and 5:50pm Some House Democrats are sponsoring legislation that critics say would loosen regulation of monopoly gas and electric utilities, […]

Common Denominator

Salaam.   You write ghazals under shade of an acacia, speak Farsi or Pashto, eat qurmas, sabzi, lamb kebabs, wear burqas and hijabs.   […]

In Mexico, a Call for Radical Change and Electoral Boycott

On Sunday, 25 people holding protest signs, chanted “no mas sangre” (no more blood) and other slogans in front of the Texas Capitol to […]

The Student’s Friend

Tyrant’s Foe—Allen Weeks When 11,000 Texans flooded the Capitol grounds in March to protest proposed cuts to education, there were plenty of memorable characters […]

War Paint

At the current exhibit at DiverseWorks Art Space in Houston, “This Is Displacement,” artists pull back the curtain on a part of American culture […]

Saturday’s House Meltdown: Points of Order and Points of No Return

Usually, you have to look back to find the pivotal moments—to find the times “when everything changed.” But sitting in the Texas House in […]

hot list: day 119

Day 119 of the 82nd Texas Legislature LINE OF THE DAY “It is very bad—bad precedent, bad form, bad mojo, bad everything —to bring […]