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Workers Down, Bosses Up: A Morality Play

It’s good to know that some corporate chieftains feel the pain of their underlings, who keep being forced to do more for less. Take […]

The American Connection to Cinco De Mayo

From NewsTaco, where this blog was first published. On May 5th 1862 in the city of Puebla, the invading forces of Napoleon III and […]

Tax and Divert

Click on the image above to enlarge. For a pdf version, click here. Listen to Forrest Wilder’s interview with KUT.   By passing a […]

House Takes the Fight to Bullies

House Bill 1942, the anti-bullying bill, passed smoothly out of the Texas House Tuesday 102 to 34. The bill updates the current definition of […]

Hot List Day 114

Day 114 of the 82nd Texas Legislature LINE OF THE DAY “You know, there are several ways to skin a cat legislatively in this […]

A Gamble, a Threat and a Tradition: Take-Aways from Tuesday’s Senate Budget Fight

After three dramatic hours of debate, Senate Finance Chair Steve Ogden still did not have enough votes to bring the Senate budget up for […]

Texas House Approves ‘Choose Life’ License Plates

Anti-abortion activists scored another victory today in the Texas House. The House tentatively passed a bill creating “Choose Life” license plates with a 94-29 […]