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hot list: day 109

Day 109 of the 82nd Texas Legislature LINE OF THE DAY “I’m also senstiive that we don’t want Big Brother looking over our shoulder […]

Homeland Security, Now Less Orwellian


A Glimpse Behind the Senate’s Closed-Doors Budget Fight

For the first time, the Senate’s secret fight over the budget came to light on the chamber floor. After a closed-door meeting this morning, […]

The Lege That Rocks the Cradle

Some women may argue that this hasn’t been a good session for women, which is their right, at least for now. But all Texas […]

The Payday Scam

Tom Craddick and his bleeding heart are right. The former speaker and Big Bidness-friendly Texas House veteran from Midland wants to muzzle the wolves […]

At the Hour of Our Death

At the hour of our death South East Texas “Death, like birth, is part of a process. However, the processes of death are often […]

GOP Redistricting HQ

The Top Redistricting Fight Moments

For most of the legislative session, you can forget that there are 150 members in the state House. After all, most of them stay […]

Hot List Day 108

Day 108 of the 82nd Texas Legislature LINE OF THE DAY “I think there’s people both on the right and the left that want […]

Meet the Middle Man-Juan Hernandez

Meet the Middle Man: the story of how Juan Hernandez, a former Mexican cabinet minister, tries to steer Texas Republicans into the future.