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Should Ex-Drug Offenders Receive Food Stamps?

Currently, Texas does not allow ex-drug offenders to apply for food stamp benefits once they’re released from jail. But a bill heard in the […]

Backlash to a Rape

A few days after my 16th birthday, a woman walking along a lonely highway in the neighboring town accepted a ride from an acquaintance. […]

Ask A Legislator: What Is a Sanctuary City?

Texas Gov. Rick Perry declared sanctuary cities an emergency item for the 82nd Legislature, exempting the issue from a 60-day wait normally required to […]

The Novel is Dead, Long Live the Novel

The novel springs from a sense of its own obsolescence. Novels were already passé in the 17th century, when Miguel de Cervantes dispatched Don […]

Hot List: day 78

Day 78 of the 82nd Texas Legislature LINE OF THE DAY “This is the largest undeveloped casino market in the United States.” -Jack Pratt, […]

Paging Reality Among Legislative Leaders

My latest print column, coming out in our April 1 issue: Texas’ political leaders have never been known as a reflective bunch. If you […]

The High Cost of Tax Exemptions

Here’s a bold idea for fixing Texas’ $23 billion budget deficit: repeal sweetheart tax loopholes for Big Business. While this Legislature is unlikely to […]

Unearthing Aurora

Lost Books of Texas “Terms of Endearment is a book?” a well-read friend asked recently. “I didn’t know that. I thought it was just […]

State of Darkness

Since the 2004 release of Brooklyn Noir, a collection of short stories written by some of the borough’s top crime and mystery writers, Akashic […]

Remembering Claude Stanush

It was a late, sweaty summer night in San Antonio, it must have been 1980 or 1981, and we were up on Maverick Hill […]