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The Daily Fight

Lost Books of Texas Most of us never hold high political office. Neither did Jane McCallum until, as she was approaching 50, she served […]

Some Like It Hot

Texas lawmakers are skeptical of many things—evolution, health care, sex education, presidential citizenship, women—so it’s no surprise that they haven’t fully embraced the novel […]

Metaphorically Speaking

In I is an Other: The Secret Life of Metaphor and How It Shapes the Way We See the World, best-selling author and aphorist […]

The Ranger’s Orphan

Lost Books of Texas In 1939, a young newspaper reporter from Brownsville finished a novel he’d been working on for years—a heavily autobiographical coming-of-age […]

Between the Lines

In 1984, I picked up Pat Mora’s Chants, a collection of poems about the border, and experienced the jolt that comes with reading about […]

Hot on the Press

Some people remember exactly what they were doing when Pearl Harbor was bombed or their whereabouts when JFK was shot. I remember reading my […]

A Splendid Queen

Lost Books of Texas Splendora, Edward Swift’s 1978 masterpiece, is probably the funniest novel you’ll ever read about an East Texas transvestite. It’s the […]

Four Winter Haiku

What is this other that whispers us toward night, its falling?   Sometimes the gray of trees.  Sometimes only water, because it moves.   […]

hot list day 79

Day 79 of the 82nd Texas Legislature LINE OF THE DAY “To me, it’s just a tool that prosecutors use to enhance their political […]

The Long-Term Education Change We’re Not Talking About

For more information on school finance, read my longer story School Daze. Last week, as the House Appropriations Committee approved a budget that slashed […]