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Disabling Reforms at State Institutions

In 2009, Gov. Rick Perry declared Texas’ troubled institutions for people with mental disabilities an “emergency item” for the Legislature. Now, just two years […]

Senate’s Big Brother Bill Now (Somewhat) Less Big Brother-ish

In Sen. Tommy Williams’ omnibus homeland security bill, vehicle checkpoints are out but warrant-less GPS tracking devices, automated license plate readers and other controversial […]

You Are What You Eat

San Antonio “An intense curiosity led me to begin making these unconventional portraits, photographed ‘as is,’ in homes across the United States. One person […]

Peso Power

The United States has become awfully hostile to immigrants crossing its southern border in recent years—unless you have money. Wealthy Mexicans fleeing the security […]

Tabbi With Claws

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a political reporter with as much brio as Matt Tabbi, and as much disregard for the […]

Hundreds Rally for Children’s Healthcare

Healthcare advocates and families gathered outside the Capitol this afternoon with a clear message to legislators—provide Texas children with health coverage. Now. About 300 […]

Bringing Up Baby

On a wintry day in February, I went to the Texas Senate to hear citizens and medical and legal experts testify about the sonogram […]

Hot on the Press

Some people remember exactly what they were doing when Pearl Harbor was bombed or their whereabouts when JFK was shot. I remember reading my […]

The Daily Fight

Lost Books of Texas Most of us never hold high political office. Neither did Jane McCallum until, as she was approaching 50, she served […]

Some Like It Hot

Texas lawmakers are skeptical of many things—evolution, health care, sex education, presidential citizenship, women—so it’s no surprise that they haven’t fully embraced the novel […]