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Bradley Puts On a Show in Senate Committee

Updated below John Bradley doesn’t take crap from anyone. When he’s lording over meetings of the Forensic Science Commission, the man is prickly even […]

UT’s Dirty Investments

While many universities have stopped investing in companies that do business in Sudan, the University of Texas still invests millions of dollars in the […]

Texas: No Hiring Of Immigrants – Except For Maids

From NewsTaco, where this blog was first published. Ah, Texas, my adopted homeland. There’s so much to love about you, but then you do […]

Failing Grades

State lawmakers are weighing a proposed 2012-2013 state budget that could impose draconian cuts on the state’s already piss-poor educational system. Schools, teachers, innovative […]

Big Music, Small Label

Back in 2007, Austin’s experimental rock band, … And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, committed what many musicians might consider […]

Payday Borrowing

Every session since 2005, when the payday industry found a loophole to escape regulation, numerous bills have been filed to regulate payday lenders and […]

Texas Children & Poverty

1 Texas’ national ranking for gap between wealthy and poor 23 Percentage of Texas children living in poverty 600,000 Number of new Texans under […]

Medicaid Funding

2.3m # of Texas children that receive health insurance from Medicaid 1 in 8 Number of total Texans receiving Medicaid in 2008 1.4m Projected […]

Hot List: Day 49

Day 49 of the 82nd Texas Legislature LINE OF THE DAY “YouTubes are infallible,” – Rep. Leo Berman, R-Tyler, to The Texas Tribune on […]

John Bradley to Face Senators on Monday

On Monday, the state’s most controversial prosecutor will stand trial himself. John Bradley—Williamson County DA and chair of the Texas Forensic Science Commission—will have […]