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Weatherization Reviews

  Click on the links below to read the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs’ monitoring reports of the stimulus-funded weatherization program.   […]

Perry’s National Emergence-y

Just what should be designated an “emergency” is always up for debate. Ask any sorority girl who’s lost her straightening iron. (To be fair, […]

Lege By the Numbers

Click on the graphic for a look at the statistics on race, gender and money that shape our Texas Legislature.

Mr. DeLay’s Courtroom Piety

Foxes In the Henhouse

This article is the first in a series of stories called “The Poverty Business” about regulators and the industries that enrich themselves at the […]

Alligator Hunting

Guadalupe River “With a 12-foot alligator just a few feet away from the boat, Steve Emery (left) readies the pistol as Ron Ohlinger (right) […]

Dave McNeely on the Texas Legislature

Watch an exclusive interview with veteran political reporter Dave McNeely on the sociology of the Texas Legislature.

From Rules Fights to Budget Cuts

Day Nine of the 82nd Texas Legislature The Texas Legislature isn’t known for moving quickly. During the first 60 days, they can barely move […]