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Jesse Jones and the Making of Houston

Economist John Kenneth Galbraith said of Houston entrepreneur Jesse H. Jones, “If he hadn’t existed he would have had to be invented, and that […]

Caucus Blocked

According to the latest poll from Five Thirty Eight, Rick Perry has fallen into dreaded Michele Bachmann territory. The Iowa primary projections give Perry […]

Armored Gun Boats on the Rio Grande

In early December, the Texas Department of Public Safety unveiled its new armored gun boats. The fact that DPS now has a tactical marine […]

A Highly Subjective List of the Hot, Hotter and Hottest Texas Enviro Stories of 2011

Our planet is facing the greatest problems it’s ever faced. Ever. So whatever you do, don’t be bored. This is absolutely the most exciting […]

Lawsuit Raises Issue of Why Affirmative Action Is Still Needed

The fate of affirmative action at America’s colleges could rest on a dispute over $100. Abigail Noel Fisher, a white woman from Richmond, Texas, […]

King Street Patriots Go National

On Election Day 2010, a well-coordinated barnstorming tour of inner-city Houston polling places helped make King Street Patriots one of Texas’ premier Tea Party […]

The Battery Powered Christmas

My parents and I were staying in a little, rented house that leaned to one side like a wet cardboard box. It was almost […]

For God’s Sake

On a drizzly, gray November day, the First Federated Church in Des Moines looked particularly formidable. The mega-church is a gigantic brick building, a […]

Fighting for Public Health in Lubbock

When the city of Lubbock made a surprise bid to close its health department last July, psychologist Brian Carr made it his personal crusade […]

UT College Republicans President Cassie Wright Defends Her Twitter Jab At President Obama

UT College Republicans President Cassie Wright, who recently came under fire for tweeting, “My president is black. He smokes a lot of crack. Holla. […]