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The Redistribution of America’s Wealth To The Few

America’s unemployed and downsized workers are furious that corporate profits, stock prices and CEO pay are up while hiring and wages are stagnant. But […]

Terror, Baby: Debbie Riddle’s Stocking Stuffer

I miss the days when I could blame booze for killing my brain cells. Now it’s books. Texas Republican books. First Rove, then W., […]

Art Everywhere

When people think of Texas, they think of oil, not art. But the gusher at Spindletop that begat an ocean of black crude also […]


2030 Election Wrap-Up: Viva Los Republicanos

On a grim election night 20 years ago, as Texas Democrats mourned and puzzled over their largest statewide losses in history, one of the […]

Starving For A Dream

dept. of immigration Thanksgiving week, while most of us were stuffing ourselves, eight undocumented students at the University of Texas at Austin joined hundreds […]


Updated The Texas Railroad Commission, if it’s familiar to the public at all, is known mostly for its promotion of the Texas oil and […]

Can Texas Democrats Stop Chasing Ghosts?

Back in July, when the governor’s race still looked like a race, Wayne Slater of The Dallas Morning News bird-dogged Democrat Bill White for […]

Marfa: The Evil Mayberry?

Lots of Texas/Hollywood related gossip out there this week, which I sometimes delve into if it touches on immigration or the border. Thought I […]

Tribunal of Rightwing Orthodoxy