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Undoing Injustice

If you ask attorney Walter Reaves why he started representing wrongly convicted prisoners in Texas with their innocence claims, he’ll tell you it just […]

Fate of Juvenile Offenders in the Spotlight

The wrangling over what the state of Texas should do with its juvenile offenders continued Thursday in a packed room at the Capitol. The […]

Saving A Small Town

Hale Center was once a seat of power. The last Democratic speaker of the Texas House, Pete Laney, brought governors and lawmakers, including George […]

Texas GOPer Urges Colleagues to Recruit Latinos to Party to Ally Against Muslims

From, where this blog was first published. Caucasian GOP support for anything having to do with immigration reform is so far and in […]

Another Drone Bites the Dust

If El Pasoans have their eyes on the skies these days it’s for good reason. Back in June, a Department of Homeland Security flown […]