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Texas Could Foot Bill for Radioactive Waste Dump

It didn’t take long – 11 days to be exact – after Gov. Rick Perry was safely re-elected for the Texas Compact Commission to […]

“Deplorable”: SREC member demands “true Christian conservative” Speaker

In case you thought the bout of anti-Semitism in the Speaker’s race was over, think again. An email exchange between State Republican Executive Committee […]

Is UTB-TSC Getting Divorced or Separated?

Talk about a bad time to play chicken with the University of Texas Board of Regents. With an estimated $20 billion budget shortfall looming […]

Using Trauma to Educate

At first, Jamie Schanbaum thought she had the flu. In November 2008, she was a healthy, 20-year-old freshman attending the University of Texas at […]

Can Straus Hang On?

dept. of influence-peddling The election of the Texas House speaker has always been an insider’s fight. The 150 House members who vote on the […]

Is The Latest Ad a Sign Straus is in Trouble?

Updated 11:18 a.m. Well, friends, in case there’s any doubt, the race for Speaker of the House is officially public. Why now, you ask? […]

One Corporatocracy under God, Divisible

COME TO AN ALL-NEW RABBLE ROUSERHelp build support for award winning investigative journalism and progressive community building! The 10th annual Rabble-Rouser Roundup & Fat […]

Executing Justice

Every few months, it seems, we hear of another death penalty case based on flawed forensic evidence. An alarming number of them have cropped […]

The Jolly Budget Hunters

The Fire Down Below

In June 2009, visions of fireballs and impact craters began to dance grimly in Mary Kelleher’s head. She’d gotten word that a giant, high-pressure […]