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The Mystery on Falcon Lake

What to make of the alleged murder of David Hartley while riding his jet ski on Falcon Lake? Last week, his wife Tiffany moved […]

Political Wish List: Honest Talk About Economics, Empire, and Energy

There’s no shortage of political blather in this year’s mid-term election campaigns, but most of us yearn for substantive discussion of the serious problems […]

The Textbook Plot

The State Board of Education today instructed publishers to curtail positive coverage of Islam and include more favorable treatment of Christianity in future world […]

Backyard Brawls

“Good thing we’ve still got politics in Texas — finest form of free entertainment ever invented.” -Molly Ivins From now until Oct. 29, we’ll […]

How Bad Are These Polls For White?

The last few months, poll results have begun to feel a whole lot like the old M. Night Shyamalan movies. You would think you […]

Juan Williams, What Happened?

Juan Williams – fired by National Public Radio after saying he gets nervous when he sees folks in “Muslim garb,” and then given a […]

Bring Back Retired Teachers

 The crisis in education we are facing cannot be solved by increasing class size as a short-term budget fix. The current class sizes are […]

Hidden Vision

Place a copy of the new Criterion Collection edition of The Thin Red Line in your DVD player and a curious message will appear […]

Politics Uncovered

Texas Attorney General candidate Barbara Ann Radnofsky came to the phone to tell me she is pleased The Dallas Morning News has assigned someone […]

Stumper of the Week: A Brand-New Golden Rule

Lord Almighty: Only 10 days till we know just how disastrous it’s going to be for Democrats—and what kind of, er, leadership Texas will […]