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Play It Again, State Board!

Well, shocking no one, the State Board of Education passed the resolution to guard against any “pro-Islamic/anti-Christian” bias in world history textbooks. Perhaps you […]

Lost Houston

Twenty-first century readers lucky enough to stumble into Sig Byrd’s Houston can be forgiven for wondering if such a place ever existed. Even Byrd—a […]

Would Unlikely Voters Be Key to a White Victory?

Campaign workers are a bit like those people who celebrate every holiday. “United Nations Day!” they’ll say. “Party at my place!” Or in the […]

Drug Lord 3.0

Every day the news from Mexico is worse: beheadings, bombings, kidnappings. Today another Mexican mayor kidnapped and killed. Last week another reporter dead in […]

My Rick Perry Problem…and Yours

During the 1980s I spent several Easter vacations sailing with the late columnist Molly Ivins and some of her leading liberal friends. After the […]