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Hit ‘Em Where They Live

Texas politics often inspires bursts of cursing, but for this issue we’ve taken a more deliberative approach. With the campaign in full swing and […]

Judge Bolton and Saving Arizona

The other day, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents in tandem with Colorado law enforcement busted through a U.S. citizen’s front door threw him down […]

Afghanistan: The Truth Leaks – Again

I.F. Stone said this almost 50 years ago: “The bureaucracies put out so much that they cannot help letting the truth slip from time […]

Path to War

In a Feb. 3, 1964 conversation with newspaper publisher John Knight, Lyndon Johnson—then a mere two months into his presidency—laid out the stark choice […]

Rainbow Raid Revisited

Dept. of Homophobia It’s been just over a year since Fort Worth police, with Texas Alcohol and Beverage Control agents in tow, stormed into […]

Lost in Deportation Limbo

Last week, the Observer published my story on our government’s push to deport as many legal immigrants as possible who have low level misdemeanors. […]

Eddie Aldrete, Banking on Reform

A 50-year-old bank vice president might strike you as an unlikely coalition-builder in the heated debate over immigration reform. If so, you haven’t met […]

Why Willingham-Arson Report Will Be So Important

Let’s start with an assertion on which everyone can agree: Cameron Todd Willingham is deceased. The time to help him passed six years ago, […]

Diane Wilson Talks about Battling BP, Overcoming Fear, and the Importance of Throwing a Wall-Eyed Fit

Hello Gang! This afternoon, my friend Ello Black and I had a rare treat.  We got the chance to talk to Diane Wilson–activist and writer […]

Friday’s Green Links Round-Up

Updated below The Texas attorney general’s office is investigating a massive release of toxic chemicals at BP’s Texas City refinery, the Galveston County Daily […]