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Gloria Allred, Roberta Francis, & the ERA!!!

Hello Gang! Yesterday morning, I had the great pleasure of speaking to Roberta Francis, Co-Chair of the ERA Task Force of the National Council of Women’s […]

“The Way America Is Supposed to Be”: Tea-Partiers Get Back to Basics at the Capitol

Whether it was the hundred-degree heat, or a hangover from all the recent hoo-ha over racist elements in the Tea Party movement, Saturday’s “Back […]

ARRA Homelessness Funds Not Being Applied Where Needed

Homelessness in Texas has become a widespread issue that effects over 200,000 individuals during any given year. Since the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act […]

Backlash Grows Against BP’s Effort to ‘Buy Up’ Gulf Scientists

From Facing South, the online magazine of the Institute for Southern Studies. On July 1, a video appeared on BP’s website featuring renegade scientist […]

EPA Dismisses Perry’s Climate Change Challenge

So, big surprise – Yesterday, EPA rejected Texas’ ludicrous climate change challenge. In reaction, Gov. Perry put a nickel in the ol’ 10th Amendment jukebox […]

Write of Passage

When I agreed to write two books using the quinceañera as the backdrop, the fact that I’d never had a quinceañera, had never been […]

Who Runs Texas?

A long standing argument is that the lieutenant governor of Texas is more powerful than the governor. It’s that way by design. During the […]

DNA Damaged Cattle Downwind of Formosa Plant

Hello Gang! Well, Diane Wilson pointed me towards these terrific (and terrifically upsetting) videos on Youtube.  They show a rancher named Randy Mumme, whose […]

Obamaphobia: What’s Bill White Afraid Of?

A big part of Bill White’s appeal stems from his reputation—well-deserved, in many ways—for being a politician of above-average integrity and intellect. He’s the […]

To Swim or Not to Swim

Corpus Christi is hot.  As the mercury of another scorchingly hot summer continues to rise, finding ways to stay cool remains an important concern. […]